Clustered Blockchain Platform for Air pollution Data Aggregation and Dissemination
A Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Approach to Air Pollution Tracking.

Air Quality Matters

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UK Deaths cased by COVID


out of 10 people breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits


Million Deaths linked to Air Pollution, EACH YEAR


UK IoT Sensors exist unconnected


Never in recorded human history has it ever been witnessed the scale of the loss of human suffering, loss of life and destruction of the world economies. Covid-19 pandemic is at its rapid spread and death rate, which have resulted in successive lockdowns. This has caused the most significant economic downturn in the UK in 300 years (BBC, 2020). Numerous studies have revealed that higher pollutants concentration corresponds with exacerbated Covid-19 complications/fatalities/transmission (The Guardian, 2020; Healthcare-in-Europe, 2020; NCBI's journal on Environmental-Pollution, etc.). Scientists propose that since Covid-19 and air-pollution will likely be around for a long time, people with lung diseases like Covid-19, Asthma, etc. should consider actively avoiding places at their times of high pollution concentrations to reduce pollution associated complications/transmission/death toll.

About us

Our Aim

Air-PoT, led by a consortium of experienced experts in business, technology and air pollution science, aims to harness the advanced UK infrastructure of thousands of IoT sensors to via a centralised and harmonised platform to use by used by sufferers and data-led organisations alike.

Who Will Benefit?

Along with helping sufferers directly, the platform aims to provide pollution data to various commercial and academic organisations to facilitate research programs and data-driven insights and decision making.

How This Will Be Achieved

Air-PoT will do this by bringing together and format-homogenising into a single platform (mobile app and web app) data from thousands of sensors that are currently disseminated via very many different websites (and other means) in many different isolated and decoupled formats.

Our Approach

Our approach is to continually refine our practices and platform based on valued feedback from sufferers, data providers and government bodies alike. By adopting an incremental and iterative process, we can successfully harness the solution features that bring the most value.


Air-PoT is a sophisticated technical platform built from multiple complex subsystems within a scalable and robust ecosystem.

Harmonised Data Layer

Real-time and historical data from multiple sources are combined within a single homogenised data platform, which underpins the platform.

Real Time + Predictive Insights

Air-PoT empowers users of the platform even when no sensors exist for a given location, by using sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to predict air quality levels.

Incentivised Payment Platform

All sensor providers who contribute to the Air-PoT platform will be paid for the contribution via and incentivised based platform.

AI\Blockchain\IoT\Big Data

To provide such a range of benefits to its users AiR-PoT makes use of the very latest technology advancements including; AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT and Big Data Analytics.


Air-PoT is led by a consortium of dedicated professionals with extensive expertise across Business, Technology and Atmospheric Science.

Dr Nazir OBE

Head of Strategy and Innovation Exploitation

Dr Bin Ouyang

Head of Atmospheric Science

Dr Hafiz Alaka

Head of Digital Innovation

Dr Saheed Ajayi

Head of Research and Development

Vinoo Babu

Head of Software Development

Abdul Hye

Head of Web and Mobile Technology

Simon Chambers

Head of Operations

Collaboration Opportiunities

We are actively looking for suitable partners to come on this exciting journey with us. We are particularly interested in sensor providers who want to benefit from our platform. If you are interested in the same vision for a cleaner UK as us, then please drop us a line at or click on the subscribe button below and we will be able to discuss opportunities of mutual benefit.

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We are thrilled to be nominated for the technology innovation awards:Vote Here!

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